I’m back (to blogging)?

Years ago, I used to write on this blog every once in awhile. I am not using a hyperbole here; it has actually been 3 years since I’ve written a post here. In the three years since my last post, a great deal has happened in my life. Rather than going into details, I’ll give you the Cliff Notes version (this is the only time that I’ll mention the words ‘Cliff Notes’…contrary to what some teens may think, reading the book IS much better than reading short summaries). Yet this is not an English class; this is approximately 1,200 days of my life that I would have to recap, I don’t have the energy to recall all of those details, and there is not an exam or an essay that you must read at the conclusion of this post. So, here it is: In three years, I’ve gotten married, bought a dog, and had a baby. I’m still teaching, reading, and eating….I’m not really doing a whole lot of another ‘ing’ called sleeping.

I’ve learned alot in 3 years, and have so much more to learn. 8 months ago, I had never really properly changed a diaper. By ‘properly changed,’ I mean that I once attempted to change a diaper, but pee went on the floor instead, I panicked, and thought about using duct tape to make it stick because I had no idea how it was supposed to stay on. During my first month as a mom, I’m pretty sure my son had at least 4 outfit changes per day, and, let’s just say, that was not for fashion. 8 months ago, the only ‘milk’ I was familiar with was the kind that I pour on my cereal, not the kind that is currently taking up my deep freeze.  8 months ago, I had no idea how to work a diaper genie, a car seat, stroller, a swaddle, or pretty much any item that begins with the word ‘baby.’ I may or may not still need step-by-step assistance on a few of these products…

I also had no idea what it was like to attempt to teach on a few hours of sleep, or how much I would wish sometimes that I could insert an IV of coffee into my body. I also had no idea how many people I would meet that declared that they were able to get their babies to sleep through the night practically the moment that they exited the womb…while I have a baby that has slept through the night 1 time in the past 8.5 months. I also never knew how much joy I would get in hearing a baby laugh in the middle of the night, smile when he hears his name, or how many photos and videos of a baby or a dog I could possibly fit on take up my phone.

I have no idea how often I’ll post on here, but I hope that I’ll at least do better than 1 time in the next 8.5 months (I’m also hoping that somehow this post will “jinx” baby sleep in the opposite direction, and my son will all of a sudden give me the right to brag about how “great a sleeper” he is to everyone I meet).

The next time I write this post may be when I send my son off to kindergarten; however, at the moment, I have a dog and a baby asleep and am not trying to navigate holding one while chasing the other and his favorite “black bone” around the house, so I think the reverse psychology of this post was effective 🙂

Edited: My dog just heard a tree outside and started barking and the baby woke up. Life is never predictable 🙂