Resolutions? 2010 vs. 2014

I am a pack rat. I have difficulty giving up almost anything. Case in point: I contemplated tossing a sparkly, silver headband for several seconds yesterday. I struggled just as intensely with a perfume bottle that is broken. I also contemplated tossing the twenty or so business cards that I accumulated on my journalism trip to New York CIty, which happened in 2008. The fact that I: 1.) Have a job and 2.) Doubt that the majority of these business cards are current and 3.) Had no interest in some of the cards 6 years ago–should say something about my saving savviness.

Although the business card for the assistant editor of “Prevention” magazine may now be in the trash, there is something else that I find actually useful to recycle: Resolutions. Back when I wrote on this more regularly (clearly my posting pledge last year was a supreme success), I was really into resolutions. I was also very into numbers (Apparently, the amount of each resolutions must match the year: ’10, ’11, ’13). However, this year, rather than making up new ones; I’ve decided to revisit the past. 

Here is what I wrote in 2010. The status of where I’m at with each of these resolutions 4 years later is below:

A sidenote. I just found my first pictures of 2010 and the blizzard that happened at the end of 2009. I’m glad that the idea to be blonde was very temporary, and I think that the fact that I received frostbite from running outside in the cold last week shows that I’m just as wise about winter warmth.


I am horrible at making lists. I love assignment notebooks—unfortunately, I don’t actually use them. I’m great at purchasing, but completely fail at making them purposeful. My assignment notebooks stay blank, and my head gets the burden of recalling the information that a handy spiral would do so much better.

But my head is overworked. I need my head for recalling the “important” information—like random Psychological theories for an exam that I will promptly forget the moment I put down my pencil.

The same goes for goals. I’m always thinking about them, but never write them down. So this year, I’m writing my yearly goals down. Like nearly everyone else who is not Superman/woman, my resolutions are usually short-lived. But perhaps writing it down will make them stick. Here’s my 10 for ’10:

1.) Use an assignment notebook. I spent $10 for an overpriced Drake University assignment notebook that is tattered, but unused. All that it contains is a few birthdays, and the date of an upcoming exam. A date which I put down only because I was bored in class.

2014: I have a brand new 2014 planner. It is untouched…but I think it may happen on this “freeze day” that I’m currently experienced (-40 with the wind chill!)

2.) Cook for other people. I love to cook—for myself, that is. I’m still a bit timid to take on a dinner party, or even a table for two.

2014: My fiancee, Brent, and I DO share cooking! Success!

3.) Drink one caffeine beverage per day. Ok, I’ve already failed at this so let’s go for two.

2014: HA!

4.) Read an average of a book for fun per week by the year end. I kept a Book List for 2009, and I think I read around 34. 52 would be a feat, but I think I can do it.

2014: I really wish this were the case…I do read MANY, MANY pages of student work each week though…so hopefully that counts for something! I’m feeling a serious change come summer.

5.) Be able to do 100 push-ups without stopping. I have no idea whether this is actually achievable, but 100 seems to be my Holy Grail. I’ve started ’10 doing daily push-ups to see how far I can push myself. I’m currently sitting at 25. 100 seems ridiculous, but if “The Biggest Loser” contestants can train and run a marathon, I should be able to train my triceps.

2014: I had a brief period in 2013 where I did P-90x and probably could do this. Now, my arms tremble after 10.

6.) Stop eating when I’m full. I am awful at this. I snack immediately after I finish eating, even though I’m clearly not hungry. Before I know it, I’ve polished off a half a box of Wheat Thins after finishing a complete meal. Terrible for my spending. Even worse for my stomach.

2014: Yeah…definitely not achieved. However, I’m surprisingly no longer a huge fan of Wheat Thins?!

7.) Be able to touch my toes. Sad, I know. I used to be in tumbling, and can no longer touch my toes without grunting. This needs to change, if only so I am not embarrassed when the 8-year olds I teach at The Little Gym are in the straddle splits, and I’m struggling to clutch my calves.

2014: Grunting does not even help me touch my toes now.

8.) Solve every day of the New York Times Crossword Puzzle. Honestly, this probably won’t happen for years. How am I supposed to know who won the 1957 Stanley Cup, or who was the winner of the 1972 Nobel Peace Prize? Let’s hope my brain adopts a Jack-esque complex.

2014: Ah, I MISS attempting this every day! I used to get a free paper to do daily while at Drake (not that I EVER hid that I was doing that during class). I don’t miss seeing the several blank squares upon “completion” 🙂

9.) Land a (real) job. Although I currently have 4 jobs, none of them sound “adultish”—I’m a Children’s Fitness Instructor/Birthday Specialist, Tutor, Nanny, and Freelancer. I wouldn’t mind the “adult” part much, if they actually made money.  Once I graduate, I’d like to have a job where I could jet to Jamacia if I so chose without being immediately bankrupt. A girl can dare to dream.

2014: DONE! I am a teacher, yearbook adviser, and Assistant Cross-Country coach. I couldn’t be happier!

10.) Drink more wine. I know, I know. I should be resolving to drink less, not more. But at least if I switch from wine to beer, I can sound more “adult.” Sure, I’m a nanny, but I drink wine. Clearly, I’m mature.

2014: According to this, I most certainly am now more “adult” 🙂

I’m not necessarily resolving to do much different this year. Four years later, several of my goals are the similar. Yet unlike in 2010, I’ve come to the point where I’m not disappointed if these fall short. I am very well-aware of where I could improve (among many others!) and I always strive to be better! However, ultimately, I’m a genuinely positive person who finds joy in simple things.

A few weeks ago, I was thinking while driving and came up with this:

“It’s easy to complain. We fret about people, professions, paychecks, and our inability to be perfect. We get frustrated over the cold and our commutes. We spend time worrying about what others think. Each day, it is simple to be stressed. However, there are so many more things to be grateful for. At the end of the day, it is not about perfection. It is all about perception.”

Perception is my new resolution 🙂