A posting pledge

In today’s world, “creeping on” people is normal. We have news feeds on Facebook. We can “follow” anyone’s tweets. We feel instant connections to friends, celebrities, and classmates that we have not seen since we were 17. We feel “out of the loop” if we don’t know that a friend of a friend of a friend’s friend who once visited us at college that one time had a baby.

We “know” the name’s of our acquaintances kids, husbands, and jobs. We know what sports team they support. We know what they make for dinner.

Back in the day, the most intrusive you could get was following someone’s Xanga. If you grew up in the early 2000s, you probably remember that gem. It was an online diary, where people posted their thoughts, emotions, and could “connect” with other bloggers. I’m certain several people reaped many benefits from it. However, I just looked up whether it still existed and the top post of the day was “Girl’s on all fours.” Let’s just say these are emotions I’d prefer not to read about…

Instead of posting, I just cautiously creeped. I have never been very stealthy, but I quickly realized a hidden gem to these diaries: There was absolutely no way that anyone could know you visited. No disguise was necessary

The idea of having my own online diary was definitely NOT on my radar back in the day. I did keep a real diary from time to time, but my entries always started out with something like “Hey diary! Long time no see!” or “Guess what, diary? I am on a plane right now!”I also thought wearing my tattered blanket as a dress was the coolest costume ever. There are many things in that statement that say alot about me.

When I was in elementary school, I thought that you ALWAYS had to address your audience…even if you were the only one reading it. In fact, I still think this sometimes, because in the hallway at school I address every person I see by their first name. Obviously, calling someone by their first name is great. However, it gets a bit exhausting when you encounter hundreds of students in a hallway and you say things like “HiHannahLaurenTaylorJohnAnthonyTJ” throughout an entire five-minute passing period.

When I was younger, I was even nervous about divulging anything to my own diary. I never told the diary if I had a crush. In fact, I remember one time I revealed my friend’s crush in my diary and I felt like THAT was going too far and almost tore out that entry.

My younger self would be embarrassed by the fact that I own a blog, and would also probably be a bit ashamed that I am still definitely not cool.

I still find pleasure in things that kids can accomplish.

I still find pleasure in things that kids can accomplish.

However, my younger self would also realize the following: I am still a pack rat, and love holding onto things. There is a reason why I didn’t give up every pair of overalls I owned until I was in college and why I still possess the entire Baby Sitter’s Club series.

Tell me you thought these items were as cool as I did.

Tell me you thought these items were as cool as I did.img-thing

I want to maintain a hold of things, and that’s why I blog.

Everything has moved at a rapid pace. All of a sudden, I’m 25 and teaching teenagers who love to “tweet” and “text”–concepts that were completely foreign to me when I thought white overall shorts were the coolest thing in the universe. I know millions of people that are getting married and having kids. I want to get better at keeping track of all of these memories, and this is a great place to do it.

Here is my attempt to post more on here. It may be daily, or maybe weekly. But I can assure you that it will be far more frequently. I can also assure you that what I promise to divulge far more embarrassing details about myself than anyone else…most of the time.


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