13 for ’13

I have several quirks that involve numbers. I have to have the volume number of the TV on an even number or a five. If a clock is visible, I cannot go to sleep on an odd number either. (Yes, this really does involve me staring at the clock until it is even). I also love ‘doubles.’ Although it happens twice per day (for a total number of times of 730 most years), I still experience a twinge of excitement whenever I see the clock read ’11:11.’

Because of my quirks involving odd numbers, I’m not quite excited that it is 2013. I enjoyed the fact that it was 2011, because 11 is my favorite number (I know: That statement pretty much discredits my expression of dislike for odd digits). Yet although that I’m not pumped that this year is odd, I am determined to make it the best one yet. My resolutions the past few years haven’t been that fantastic. Like most of America, I’ve been fantastic about maintaining them…until January 3rd.

But this year, I’m determined. I’ve decided to approach resolutions from a different perspective. My resolutions and I are not married, or in a relationship that requires diligent dedication. Rather, my resolutions are similar to a “speed date.” I’m dedicated to “meeting” all of them once. However, that doesn’t mean that I have spend hours upon end with them to see if there’s chemistry. There may be some where I am instantly attracted. Others may be akin to speed dating someone with garlic breath and a tendency to talk two centimeters from your face.
Of course, I won’t consider it cheating if I like more than one.

1.) Send family members and friends cards. E-mail and Facebook are great. However, a “Happy Birthday!” notification on Facebook doesn’t have the same effect as seeing that hand-written, individually selected card in the mail.

2.) Buy the coffee of the person behind me in line. I have a serious caffeine addiction that causes me to spend WAY too much on coffee. I love the idea of surprising someone with a drink at some point.

3.) Give cashiers compliments. Sometimes, cashiers spend a day dealing with dissatisfaction. Giving them a compliment is simple, but can make a difference in their demeanor.

4.) Keep my email (more) organized. The fact that I currently have 10,465 emails in my g-mail should speak for itself.

5.) Learn how to sew. This has been my resolution for the past few years. However, the fact that I STILL asked my grandma over Christmas break to hem a pair of pants for me proves that I have been clearly unsuccessful. I’d prefer not to have the sewing skills of a seven year old.

6.) Go to church ALMOST every week. I’ve recently gotten back into the routine of going to church frequently. I really, really enjoy going. However, I know that certain times things will happen that prevent me from successfully attending each week. I’m going to try my best to make it happen as much as possible.

7.) Learn how to make a fancy dish. I’d like to be able to make something that involves more than three ingredients.

8.) Visit friends and family in different states. I already have a few trips in the works!

9.) Preform random acts of kindness for people that I care about. This could involve many, many things. I’m excited about the possibilities there, and already have some ideas!

10.) Compete in several races. Ok, running is something that I already love doing, so it is sort of an easy “resolution.” However, I plan to push myself in other races this year, like running a Tough Mudder (anyone who has seen me wince while lifting the bar at the gym KNOWS that anything that involves strength is out of my comfort zone).

11.) Go on spontaneous trips. This could involve a week, weekend, a day, or simply an hour. I like the idea of going somewhere without it being planned weeks in advance, which is pretty perfect for me considering that my next resolution is…

12.) Procrastinate less. I get a HUGE thrill out of accomplishing things at the last minute. This can be a HUGE problem. In fact, I am procrastinating doing work for school by writing this post right now.

13.) Just enjoy life. This is so simple, but it encompasses everything else.

What do you resolve to do this year?


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