Simple things that make me struggle

There are some things that everyone would consider an accomplishment. Completing an iron man. Winning an Olympic medal. Starring in a movie. Receiving a noble prize.

Although achieving any of the above items would be awesome, I’d be satisfied if I successfully completed a few things that are a bit simpler. None of the items will earn me a medal or trophy. In fact, they are items that many toddlers can in fact accomplish with ease.

Staying awake during a movie. Regardless of whether the TV volume is at 100, the actors are screaming, or I’m in a room with twenty people talking, if there is a movie on, there is a 95% chance I’ve fallen asleep. The strange thing about this? I’m typically a terrible sleeper, and it is nearly impossible for me to fall asleep in a car or on a plane. However, if there is a screen, you can guarantee I’ll fall asleep after only a few scenes.

Tying my shoes (without using bunny ears). I completely missed the lesson on how to successfully tie your shoes without looking like you’re three. The thought of a single loop leaves me completely lost. Several people have attempted to teach me this skill, including the 4-8 year olds that I used to coach.

Being able to tell when something is too hot. Package directions almost always give you a “cooling” time. This is an instruction that I completely ignore. While others sip slowly on their Starbucks for hours, I heat up my coffee directly when it comes out of the microwave and gulp it down within minutes. I completely ignore the steam pouring off the cup nearly to the ceiling. Then, I burn the roof of my mouth nearly every time. I have also been known to eat cookies within the second of them coming out of the oven. When soup on the stove top has more bubbles than a bath, I’ve decided it is hot enough.

Knowing how to dress weather-appropriately. When kids are young, they learn the importance of wearing a coat when it is cold. I completely missed that memo. If it is sunny out, my first instinct is to wear shorts. The only time I wear a scarf is when there are several inches of snow. There are far too many times where someone has loaned me their warm items based on my ignorance. Most recently, I wore shorts and a t-shirt to a Cross-Country meet where it was forty degrees. I had to borrow a sweatshirt from a dad and pants from one of the girls. The next week? I was given gloves by another one of the girls after several of them commented “LOONEY! What in the world happened to your hands?!”

Are there some simple skills that you struggle with?


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