Full House Flashback

Growing up, I was obsessed with the show Full House. I wanted to be Michelle, and practiced music videos like this one in attempts to do so.

[I wanted nothing more than to raid their costume collection. I was a particularly big fan of the daisy hat]

I also wanted to marry Uncle Jesse, despite the fact that he was about 2o+ years older than me, had a mullet, lived in his relative’s attic rather than owning his own house, and didn’t graduate high school. The fact that he could sing and smile made me forget his other flaws.

[“Forever” became one that my friend Allie and I became mesmerized with and later memorized]

Basically, I wanted to move the entire family from San Francisco to the Southside of Chicago, minus Kimmy Gibler. I never understood why DJ could stand being friends with her for so long, when she really didn’t bring anything to the table other than smelly feet and a hefty appetite.

I’ve watched every episode WAY more times than I should admit, and was honestly afraid that when I grew up I would somehow accidentally drive a car into my parent’s kitchen. Although, with my parking skills, I should probably not speak too soon. Yet one of my favorite episodes was when the Tanner family got a chance to sing onstage with the Beach Boys.

[I thought Stephanie and DJ had fabulous voices and sense of style back then. I wish I were kidding.]

I was reminded of that classic combination when watching the Grammy’s yesterday. Various artists belted out Beach Boy classics, and I couldn’t help but wish that Jesse and the Rippers would have had a Kokomo-style comeback.

Did you grow up watching Full House?


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