Beiber, Ludacris, Elvis and…Interjections?

When sharing music tastes with someone, I always say that I like “everything.” My students never believe me when I say this, and quiz me on whether I like Lil’ Wayne and Nicki Minaj (their current idols). The answer: Yes, and yes. I also sometimes think I can rap like Nicki Minaj when driving alone in the car.

The statement that I like “everything” is 99% true. Let’s just say that you will never catch me singing Slipnot, and that I’d prefer listening to the Offspring over Opera any day.

I really thought that this song was pretty fly when it first came out…and MAY have just played this multiple times while posting this.

However, my ridiculous 29 stations on Pandora prove that I will literally listen to almost anything, including a few embarrassing selections. Let’s just say that Schoolhouse Rock provided some serious entertainment (and sometimes, instruction) when writing essays in college.

I may not be able to recall much about the Revolutionary War, but I can easily recite the Preamble thanks to this sweet song. 

Here is proof that my musical tastes are more random than some of Nicki Minaj’s raps:

  • Dance Cardio Radio
  • 80s Cardio Radio
  • Michael Buble (Holiday edition) Radio
  • Jack’s Mannequin Radio
  • Dave Matthews Radio
  • Lady Gaga Radio
  • Justin Bieber Radio
  • Today’s Hits Radio
  • Classic Rock Radio
  • Today’s Adult Hits Radio
  • Eric Clapton Radio
  • All I Want For Christmas Radio
  • Elvis Presley Radio
  • Bob Dylan Radio
  • Straight No Chaser Radio
  • Ludacris Radio
  • Puddle of Mudd Radio
  • American Idol Finalist Radio
  • Schoolhouse Rock Radio
  • Jack Johnson Radio
  • Lady Antebellum Radio
  • Ok Go Radio
  • Nelly Radio
  • Michael Buble Radio
  • Glee Cast Radio
  • Will Smith Radio
  • Britney Spears Radio
  • Taylor Swift Radio
  • Johnny Cash Radio

What is your favorite type of music? Are there any types that you hate?


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