Things Students Say

I may not be keeping this up weekly (as I originally intended), but that doesn’t mean that I’m all out of awkward student sayings. I think that some of the students may be more gullible than me. Please enjoy a few of my favorites:

[At Cross-Country practice]: “Coach Looney, thank you so much for coaching us each day. Especially since you drive everyday all the way from Chicago!”

A sidenote: If  I did in fact commute from Chicago, I would have to leave for work every morning at around 1:30 AM to make it work on time. I’m pretty sure my entire salary would also be spent on gas.

[During 6th period Freshman English]: We were reading a story and the students had to use clues in the text to determine the time period. After they figured out that the story took place in the 1950s/1960s, one student asked:

“Ms. Looney, were you alive in the 1950s?” (This student is also one of my most advanced, and said it with 100% seriousness).

[During 3rd period Freshman English, while brainstorming different examples of stereotypes]: The students came up with an array of examples, including ones about women being in the kitchen, blondes being dumb, black people liking fried chicken, and, my favorite of the day “Iowa has cowboys and Indians.”

If you know a place in Iowa that has cowboys, please give me a call. My camera would be certain to come.

[During 5th period Yearbook]: (Senior girl) “I got blocked from Facebook.” (Me) “How did you get banned?” (Senior girl): “I added too many people as friends, so Facebook thought I was spamming them.”

What did she do when she was released from her ban? She began adding boys who were “hot” from Yearbooks around the country that we were looking at. She is currently “friends” with former students from a high school in California.