Contests and Cruises

When it comes to contests, I never come close.

I was always given a “head start” at Easter egg hunts because my sisters would find several eggs before I found a single one. Even with a handicap, I still had a hard time. It wasn’t until my sisters were finished, had already eaten several pieces of candy, and my entire family had to coax me with “hotter” and “colder” clues that I encountered any eggs.

Let’s not talk about the numerous times I’ve searched for my cell phone or keys. The most embarrassing time was when I spent several minutes searching for my keys…only to find them in my hand. I wish I were kidding.

I’m even worse at contests that you enter. I never would do the “Guess how many jelly beans are in the jar?” because I would guess something like “50” when in reality, there were 5,000.

I have never won a contest that I’ve entered. Ever. Until yesterday…sort of.

I received a phone call from what sounded like a male, who did not specify the name of his company when he called. Our conversation simply went like this:

Person on the Phone (POTP): “Hello, Kristin! Did you go to Country Thunder a few months ago?”

Me: “Ah, yes?”

POTP: “Well, from going there, you have won a free cruise! As long as you come to claim your prize, that is.” [He also discussed many details of this prize, which I couldn’t really understand because I was simply too excited to hear the mix of “won” “cruise” and “Kristin” together].

Me: “Wait, I WON?!”

POTP: “Yes, as long as you come to Downer’s Grove to claim your prize!”

Me: “Well, er, I actually live in Iowa.” [For those who don’t know, Downer’s Grove is a Chicago suburb].

POTP: “You do? Well, what do you do there?”

Me: “I’m a high school teacher.”

[This is where the conversation started to get strange].

POTP: “You are? But you sound so young!”

Me: “Well, er, I’m 24…”

POTP: “My husband and I have two kids…aged 11 and 9. I bet you get all kinds of attention being a young teacher. My kids have had some of their older teachers replaced by younger ones and, well, you know! Those high school boys!”

[Keep in mind that this person did not have a feminine voice. Although I was initially intrigued by the cruise, I was now just as eager to uncover this person’s identity].

Me: “Well, er, things are going well so far!”

POTP: “What grades do you teach?”

Me: “Well, all of high school…”

At this point, I was wondering 1.) The name of this person to figure out his or her gender and 2.) When we were going to get back to my cruise information?

After talking about teaching for an uncomfortably awkward amount of time, the person on the phone eventually explained that a family member could pick up my prize if they wished, which included a 3 night/2 people cruise and airfare. The person also revealed his name to be “Deann,” which I’ve never actually heard as a male name.

I hung up just as perplexed about this potential trip as the identity of this person.

Have you ever “won” something? Has your prize been serious, or did it turn out to be a sham? 


3 thoughts on “Contests and Cruises

  1. Mike, I think if neither of our careers work out, we could become professional knife salesmen! I feel like it’d be pretty lucrative!

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