Strange Song Lyrics

I love music, and will listen to (almost) anything. Yet although I love music, I am sometimes naive when it comes to lyrics. I find myself humming or singing a particular song, when it is eventually pointed out to me how strange the lyrics are.

Or, worse, how strange of a spot it is to be singing that song. For example, I was once caught by my 8th grade students when I was student teaching humming Afroman’s Colt 45. Talk about an awkward teaching moment.

There are quite a few songs that I didn’t realize were a bit disturbing until a later date. Here are a few songs that I was eventually shown have some seriously strange spots:

“Baby Got Back” by Sir Mix A lot. I have always loved this song (I am well aware that this fact is strange). I also sang the lyrics about what my anaconda wants (listen to it here) before realizing that the lyrics were wrong on so many levels.

“It Wasn’t Me” by Shaggy. As in the case of “Baby Got Back,” I hardly realized that saying that what you, er, saw someone doing on the sofa was strange…and, also, a bit stalkerish.

“Pumped Up Kicks” by Foster the People. I definitely had to give this song several screenings before realizing that it was referring to “a cowboy kid who found a six-shooter gun in his dad’s closet fun of fun things…[who’s] coming for you.” Is it strange that I now get a little creeped out hearing about this cowboy kid?

Too Close” by Next. In junior high, I played this song about “poking” plenty of times until it was pointed out to me that this poking had nothing to do with the pestering kind of poke.

What are some song lyrics that you had to give a second listen to understand the lyrics?


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