Just Keep Going…and Going…and Going

There are only a handful of days each year where I don’t go for a run. [Case in point: I ran on the grounds of an airport after being stranded for two days with a bag of soaking wet clothes].

I run for many regular reasons: I love it, it’s good for your health, and I can pretend that running means that I can eat absolutely anything. If I run for a few miles, I can eat multiple donuts guilt-free. Just pretend that this is plausible for me, please.

I also run for one very important reason that I often forget: I’m like an Energizer bunny if I don’t.

Yesterday, I ran in the morning before work. I do this often, as rough as it is to see the bright red digits flashing 4:45AM, a time that even this man would loate:

I really hope he's already caffeinated.

Usually, if I run before school, I run after school with the girls that I coach as well. Before you think I’m completely crazy, keep in mind that I break up my “regular” length run during these days. Although I don’t find waking up before 5 awful, I’d prefer not to push it up to an hour where it is more likely to be finishing your night than starting it.

It is incredibly odd to experience people cranking up car music to Ke$ha at full blast to cap off a night when you’re rising to run.

Yesterday, I didn’t run after school (the girls had a pool workout). Rather than running, I came home, fully intending to relax before going out for the night.

Instead, I did gymnastics in the living room. Yes, seriously.

I played nearly every sport growing up (including a short stint in ballet, where I was a permanent fixture in the back row behind girls half my age). I’m pretty sure part of the reason my parents did this was because my energy would be endless otherwise. I already couldn’t sleep, and having stored up energy from sports would have probably meant I would have run around my house looking like this:

I actually did look like that in my living room yesterday. Luckily, I didn’t sprain my ankle while doing so like I did the summer of 2010. I attempted a one-handed cartwheel while coaching Cheerleading camp. Considering I can’t even accomplish the Electric Slide without bumping into at least 10 people, I was obviously the ideal cheerleading coach candidate.

Were you an energetic kid? Do you need to get up and move to release your energy? 


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