Crazy Blog Search Terms

For the most part, I’m pretty certain that those who read this blog are people that know me. I mostly share stories about what happens in my life. If you’re a regular reader, you know that these are usually embarrassing. Although this blog is public and I love when people tell me that they read it, I realize that the amount of strangers that read it are sparse.

However, I’ve recently realized that there are other, random people that read this blog. How do I know this? From a little tool called “Search terms.” On WordPress, this basically tells you what people searched in order to get to your blog. Some of them are hilarious and BEYOND random. Here are a few of my favorite search terms that led people to this blog:

  • “ugly lap dance”
  • “Kristin can’t blow bubbles”
  • “how to prepare canned salmon”
  • “americanidol easy puzzel” (yes, spelled exactly like that)
  • “saved by the bell shampoo”
  • “i know who you are. your love is as sweet as candy. i’ll be forever yours. love always, mandy. “
  • “teen sleepover pic”
  • “dancing sweaty palms”
  • “vegilicous bars”

How are these random terms and my blog possibly connected, or, how did you start reading this? If you have a blog, do you also have random search terms show up?


One thought on “Crazy Blog Search Terms

  1. My search terms all seem pretty related. I have 300+ searches for the character of Fisher on Greek (in multiple languages, too!), and Greek itself probably has 75% of my searches (the rest dedicated to Usher, Californication, and some randoms like Benjamin Alsup’s article ‘Sexless Novels’).

    The most awkward-when-out-of-context is probably “star wars sex” or a compilation of search terms for Greek and Star Wars and sex.

    I think the funniest ones are “nerdy confused man”, “the sexiest old guys”, “non attractive men photos” and (my personal favorite) “gre literature test fuck”.

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