Competitive Eating AND running?

I love running. I love food. I love competition. But putting them together? That is something I never thought I’d seriously attempt.

However, a few weeks ago, I did just that. It wasn’t a few bites of food. It involved eating this entire burrito (and then running immediately after):

Let me backtrack.

My roommate Jenn asked me to a race called Devour Des Moines the day before to fill in for a girl that hurt her foot. Jenn and I actually had a conversation the day before where I said “I definitely want to come watch you guys do this, but there is no way I could do it!”

Unfortunately for me, Jenn knows that I have a really hard time saying “No” to anything.

I was put in charge of the Burrito portion of this “triathlon.” After eating a burrito, we immediately  had to run 1.5 miles. When I thought “breakfast burrito,” I pictured this [one that I’ve eaten far too many of after hours at McDonalds]:

I also envisioned people primarily my same size and sex eating this burrito casually and then going for a relaxed run.

What I got? An intense eating competition where I was only one of 2 girls that were part of the burrito round. There were also serious runners part of this round.

My competition clearly sided with one sex.

Before the competition, I was nervous. Really nervous.

So nervous, in fact, that I asked a volunteer if he could help me out and pretend not to see me place part of my burrito under the table. I now realize that this is like telling the teacher “Hey, I really didn’t study, so would you mind if I just look off my friend’s paper? You can just pretend not to see!”

What actually happened: I ended up finishing the 1.5 pound burrito in 4 minutes. I was around the 8th person to finish, and then I finished in 4th after the run.

My burrito was NOT doing well at that point.

I then had to wait until my teammates finished their legs of the triathlon. We then had to share 2 pounds of wings between the four of us.

Clearly, I felt fantastic for the rest of the day.

I’ve only been in one other “competitive” eating contest prior to this. I was 16 and in a Watermelon eating contest. I won 2nd place, and received $25 dollars as a reward (considering I didn’t work at the time, that was like a mini-lottery!). I couldn’t eat Watermelon for months after that.

This time? My stomach ached for the rest of the day. I vowed to never eat another breakfast burrito.

What actually happened: I ordered a McDonald’s breakfast sandwich from the drive thru at 3AM.

Have you ever been involved in a competitive eating contest?


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