What Do You Do Daily?

Every person has a routine of some sorts. That routine may include going to work, going to the gym, cooking dinner or…

Eating peanut butter from the jar.

Ok, that may just be me.

There are some things that I do everyday that I’ve recently realized to some may seem a little, well, strange. Here are a few things that I do every that, to some, probably seem slightly strange:

  • I eat 2 (or 4) gummy bear vitamins. A sad (but true) fact about me: I couldn’t swallow pills before I went to college. I used to eat Flinstone vitamins, but I only liked the red ones. When I was little, I would either “forget” to eat them or hide the other (gross) orange ones under the couch. I discovered these, and I have never forgotten to eat a vitamin since.
  • I eat a frozen banana (or 3). I actually don’t love bananas in their regular form. However, I love them frozen. They seriously taste completely different. My sister Stacy and I have battles over frozen bananas when I’m back home.
  • I eat peanut butter. Peanut butter saved me when I was an (extremely, extremely) picky eater growing up. Even though I will now eat almost anything that is edible, I still eat peanut butter by the pound. I also usually have 4 jars on hand at all times.
  • I read blogs about food like iowagirleats.com and pbfingers.com (and a many others). This is probably strange to many, but reading them is like a reality show on steroids. You are able to follow exactly what they’re up to daily, and can’t help but feel like you “know” them.
  • I read the Dictionary.com “Word of the Day.” So far, none of these words have made the cut. Luckily.
  • I chew nearly an entire pack of gum. I have to make bi-weekly trips to the store to stock up.
  • I wake up before my alarm. I always set an alarm, but always rise at least a few minutes before. I still don’t know whether having this internal clock is a good thing. Sometimes, I’m wide awake at 4AM. When this happens, I decide that I may as well run. The only people out at this hour are those who are still up from the night before. Seeing guys rapping and blaring their base while you are trying to see the sidewalk is a strange experience.
What are some weird things that you do everyday?

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