Country Thunder Camping

Confession: Before this weekend, I had never camped.

This doesn’t mean I was anti-Outdoors. Bugs don’t bother me, I love outdoor activities, and will eat almost anything. I can also fall asleep easily on the floor (I actually spent my entire first Freshman semester sleeping on a futon. The reason I told my floormates I did this: It was “easier” to sleep there then to climb up to my lofted bed. The real reason: I was afraid of falling off my bed).

However, I really did not consider the fact that while camping you may experience rain. Rain that doesn’t make you want to sing, but that requires serious shelter that you can only find in your car.

On Thursday night–our first night camping–it started pouring. For a little while, I was unfazed. I was naive enough to think that tents=as sturdy shelter as houses (I wish I were kidding).

Two things quickly became a concern: I had to go to the bathroom badly and, worse, our tent was flooded. My friend Amy and I spent the rest of her morning in her car eating bagels (followed very shortly by beverages).

When we eventually woke up, we realized that we were surrounded by a monsoon of mud.

Yes, there were also many people that decided to use this as a reason to wrestle.

Mud may not seem like much. However, when it is permanently attached to your skin, it becomes a bit more of a problem. The following are events that happened from this flood:

1.) Amy became covered in a mud from a truck that attempted to drive on this road. We decided that, rather than “roughing it,” we’d rinse. We walked to pay $5 for a shower. Unfortunately, the storm somehow shut off the water supply. We met a few random people who were driving to “shower” in the lake. Our need for a shower surpassed the potential “stranger danger.” We fit 7-people in their 4-seater. I was in someone’s lap in the passenger seat, with my nose literally touching the window. I’d like to add that I was only wearing my bathing suit. This made for a severely awkward situation.

                               Not exactly the ideal attire for riding with strangers…

2.) Friday’s storm made Thursday’s seem like a sunny day. I woke up in the middle of the night feeling like I had suddenly become a star in a bad remake/mash-up of Wizard of Oz and Twister. Our campsite had almost completely collapsed. I would not have been shocked to see small animals floating through the sky.

3.) After Friday’s storm, a serious shower was necessary. We attempted Shower Round 2, and were initially (somewhat) successful. There was a line that could be beaten only by ones on Black Friday. As we finally made our way to the front, the water supply turned off. We made a one-mile trek through the mud to the other showers. Total time for our shower trip: 3 hours. Length of time the clean feeling lasted: 3 seconds. We became covered in mud immediately on the way back.

4.) This has nothing to do with the monsoon, but should be mentioned based on its ridiculousness. At the Zac Brown Band concert on Friday night, a group of us were chatting with random people. One guy named Joe—who was a paramedic — seemed friendly enough. Then, he casually mentioned that his last name was “Stalker,” and showed me his ID for proof. We shared a laugh over our last names. I should have taken the fact that he volunteered for us to stay in his air-conditioned home as a warning, for he soon lived up to this last name. He literally did not leave our sight for the rest of the night. He really, really needed the conversational cord cut.

Have you ever experienced crazy weather while camping?


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