A Delta Disaster

It takes alot to make me upset. The only times I am usually angry are if I’m hungry, hot, or stuck in traffic. A triple threat is when all three are combined. This is why snacks are a permanent part of my purse. If only I could figure a way to make a portable fan fit…

It takes even more to make me angry when on an airplane. I love finding new friends while flying. Another reason why I don’t mind flying? There is absolutely no way for me to get lost. If there was a way to accidentally hop on the wrong plane, I’m sure I’d have found it by now.

However, the last time I flew, I felt like I was stranded on an episode of Survivor. I departed for a Delta flight at 4:35PM in Nashville, and was set to arrive in Des Moines at 9PM (after a quick layover in Memphis).

I already had a few things that weren’t on my side at this time. The worst? I decided it was a great idea to hand wash (er soak) my sweaty running clothes in the bathtub 30 minutes before I left my hotel. I wanted my clothes to be clean, and figured I could use the hotel hairdryer to dry my clothes and that, somehow, they would miraculous become dry in minutes.

I forgot that it takes clothes 60 minutes to dry in a high speed machine.

I boarded my plane with a bag that weighed at least 5 pounds more than it should because of my soaking wet clothes. This is a little bit of an issue when you’re a person that thinks the bench press bar is heavy. The bag of soaking wet clothes obviously smelled superb, too.

I could break out a book on the rest of this story, but I’ll give the cliff notes version of my tumultuous travels :

1.) I spent my first night in a hotel in Memphis after waiting 4 hours in the airport for a delay. This hotel had a breakfast buffet that was not complimentary, but caloric. The only options on this buffet were biscuits and gravy, eggs, bacon, and sausage. This was the highlight of my day.

2.) I was frustrated after the first day of flying, so I decided to run in Memphis. My hotel was right next to the airport. [Note to self: There is a reason why no one runs near an airport. There is also a reason why no one runs on an expressway.]

3.) I spent hours in the Atlanta airport after another flight was cancelled. My flight was set to depart to Des Moines at 2:35PM, and I ended up taking a flight to Omaha at 9:30PM. This occurred because I met three awesome ladies who volunteered to rent a car and drive me to Des Moines from Omaha. We spent our hours in the airport at Chili’s. I’m pretty sure you know exactly what we went to Chili’s for after that ordeal.

4.) I realized that strangers are extremely friendly. Not only did the ladies that I met drive me to Des Moines, but I also met others who offered to drive me back to Des Moines, too, including another girl who volunteered to take a flight with me to Chicago and then drive me from Chicago to Des Moines. People even volunteered to give up their boarding passes. I also dealt with the most horrible flight attendant in history which resulted in me penning a six-page letter to Delta on the plane, which probably deserves its own post.

5.) I eventually landed in Des Moines after almost 48 hours of travel and ended up arriving on my 24th birthday. According to the employees at the Atlanta airport, I should have been celebrating being able to purchase cigarettes. I wasn’t sure whether to celebrate the fact that I was accused of being under 18, or be concerned for the fact that I’ll look younger than several of the Seniors I’ll be teaching next year.

What was your worst traveling experience? 


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