Mission Fast Mile

It’s no secret that I love running.

I ran Cross-Country and Track at Drake University.

Yes, that really was my uniform. Very conservative, right?

I’ve run the Chicago Marathon.

The only picture my family was able to get while I was running the marathon. I was asking for "Food." Shocking!

I also ran after a preschooler one day when I was subbing. I was wearing heels, it was below zero, and she was nonverbal and had the speed of a young Forrest Gump.  That was not a fun run.

Yet, although I love running, I have never been geared for speed.

[A sidenote: Usually, when I hear the word “speed” I think of this quote from Wedding Crashers: “Are they built for speed or comfort? What’d you do with them? Motorboat? You play the motorboat?” Yep. No connection to “speed” in the traditional sense whatsoever.]

Ok, ok, back out of the gutter.

I’ve never considered myself speedy. I ran the mile in high school sometimes, but that’s not saying much since I also long-jumped and was asked to hurdle. I go around rain puddles because I cannot successfully leap over them and have also never been able to successfully jump over a small fence in my life, so clearly, I was awesome at both of the above events.

A high school picture from when I was a Sophomore. Almost 10 years ago?!

However, recently, I’ve given myself a mission: To see how fast I can run the mile.

My mile mission unofficially started a few weeks ago. It began because I wanted to see if I still had any speed. However, it was mostly because I sometimes like to test myself to see my performance in random areas. One of my most embarrassing moments came from such a test. That one is too much for even me to share.

I decided yesterday that I wanted to see how fast I could go. I ran a 5:44.  I think I can go faster than this, so, I’m making it a weekly mission to see where I’ll go! I’m sharing this because I want to hold myself accountable. There is no “coach” that is telling me to time myself each week. The only pressure that I have is from myself (and, now, YOU!).

I’ve always loved running for many reasons, but one of the main ones is because you’re racing against yourself. You have the power to push yourself and see how far (or fast) you can go. There is no one that can race for you, or cover for you if you’re having an off-day. You can’t get subbed out when you’re feeling a cramp. Your legs take you as fast as you let them. And, above all, it feels awesome when you accomplish what you’ve set out to do.

Do you ever give yourself a personal mission? How do you hold yourself accountable? Does anyone else want to go on this mission with me?!


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