High School Notes

Although I don’t plan on having a starring spot on Hoarders anytime soon, I admit: I have a really, really hard time throwing things away.

I always hold onto things when they are way past their prime. For example, I had a Looney Tunes jean jacket with a massive “Looney Tunes” patch complete with every single character that covered the entire back of the jacket and an array of stirrup leggings in every single color. Let’s just not talk about when I actually stopped wearing these items.

However, today, I discovered something that I was actually satisfied I saved. I found almost all of my notes from friends from high school.

Like nearly every high school girl, I loved writing notes to my friends. These notes usually required at least 3 of these 4 specific components: 1.) They were written with a colored gel pen. 2.) They contained abbreviations like “NMU?” or “HAGS” or “LYLAS”, or, if you were wanted to make yourself seem “mature” “LYLAKAS”. 3.) They were preferably folded in an extremely complicated format. 4.) They contained information that you would be immediately telling your friends either before or after they read the note. Therefore, there was really no point to the note at all.

These notes were hilarious to look back on, and contained what was at the time extremely juicy information. The best notes, of course, were about our crushes–many of which are now cringeworthy.

Notes were a huge part of my high school experience. I can remember trying to be as sneaky as possible to write the note without the teacher seeing me. I would look up on occasion and nod my head vigorously to show the teacher that I was totally paying attention to their trigonometry lesson.

I still take pride in the fact that I was never caught–which deserves a gold star for me, because I am the worst at hiding things. For example, I forgot a paper in my locker once for a class where the teacher would not let you to go to your locker if you forgot something. I didn’t want to be penalized for late work, so I asked to go to the bathroom. I came back not just with the single sheet of paper safely hidden, but with my entire massive bright purple folder that contained papers for every single class. I also carried it in my hand and walked directly in front of the teacher while doing so. My “perfect plan” gave me my first detention.

Now that I will be teaching high school next year, I’m not sure what to do about notes. Ideally, I obviously hope that all students are so engaged during my entire English class that they never write a note. Yet I realize that, sometimes, telling news about a crush seems more important than Shakespeare. Besides when we’re talking about some of these scenes.

Should I keep every note I catch and build my own personal collection? Do I share excerpts? Or, do I do what my high school self would have loved, and immediately throw the note away without reading?


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