Bring on the Buffets

I love food alot. I’m ready for breakfast the minute I rise. I think it’s instantly time to grocery shop when there is a single spec of space in my cabinet. Bare fridges make me slightly frantic. I never, ever miss a meal.

Whenever I attend any party or celebration, my first thought is not what I should wear or who else would be there. I first think of the food. My favorite situation? Buffet style. When I see a buffet, I’m even more excited than when Carrie Bradshaw sees a shoe sale. And, like Carrie, my thoughts of reasonable “spending”–although in my case, it’s calories, not credit cards–go completely out the window.

I have a confession: At parties with buffets, I sometimes make separate trips to the “bathroom” when really I’m sneaking some more snacks. This is usually when I’m really feeling a third or fourth plate when everyone else is on their first. I am an extremely fast eater, which comes in handy because I can usually pretend I’m on pace with everyone else when really I’ve consumed at least double their calories.

Although I love buffet style food, I don’t necessarily love all buffets. There is a huge gap between buffets. Some buffets are great. My favorite of all-time is one that my family used to go to every Easter. They had every food imaginable, and also a spread of desserts that’s equivalent to the lengths of the lines on Black Friday. I ate almost an entire cake there one time. That is the only time I almost missed dinner.

However, some buffets are really bad. The worst I’ve experienced was when I was in Washington D.C. in 8th grade. I excitedly piled my (two) plates full of anything I could fit, including what I thought looked like a delicious piece of roast that was probably at least 36 ounces. I eagerly brought the roast back to my table and, unfortunately, didn’t look before I ate. The entire piece ended up being an entire chunk of fat that was now stuck in my throat.

I almost gave up meat after that, which, if you know me, would be like if you asked the Pillsbury Dough boy to give up laughing.

Do you like buffets? 


One thought on “Bring on the Buffets

  1. never KFC in Florida, although Rick has mentioned it numerous times! Nor Joy Luck… especially when you can enjoy Chi Tung!!

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