Never Have I Ever

There are few things that we ALL do. The shared list is mostly limited to eating, sleeping, talking, and showering. Unfortunately, I’ve certainly been around people that have forgotten the fourth one. I have a few traumatic experiences there…but that’s another post entirely.

There are many things, however, that separate us. There are things that we have never (or, often, never will ever) do. I don’t mean the obscure “Never have I ever ridden on a zebra down the streets of New York City and then rode it to Hugh Hefner’s mansion.” I’m referring to the simple things that many do on a daily basis. Here are the things that I have never, ever done:

1.) Gone tanning. The primary reason for this is credited to my dad, who is so concerned about skin cancer that he has been known to make sure I’m wearing sunscreen to a bonfire.

2.) Gotten my eyebrows waxed. This really should have been something that I’ve done. When I first began to pluck, I plucked them far too short. I told all of my friends and family that my eyebrows simply “fell off.” Obviously, this was totally believable.

3.) Gotten a ticket. This should be shocking for anyone who has seen my parking skills or seen the amount of times I have been beeped at…and not for a friendly greeting.

4.) Smoked a cigarette. This is probably not shocking to anyone. I have never had the desire to smoke, which I initially credit to the fact that I vividly remember being afraid after seeing a “Full House” episode where Stephanie was persuaded to smoke and suffered a long lecture from Danny Tanner.

5.) Broken a bone. Shockingly, I have only had a sprain. This sprain, of course, came for a ridiculous reason. I sprained my ankle attempting a one-handed cartwheel while coaching Cheerleading Camp. If you’ve ever seen me attempt a toe touch (or, even better, attempt to even touch my toes), you know how ridiculous my role as “Cheerleading Coach” really was.

What are some things that you have never, ever done?


One thought on “Never Have I Ever

  1. I have never gotten a ticket or smoked a cigarette, and I’ve never had a cast, even though I think I’ve broken a toe 🙂
    I love reading your thoughts, Kristin – glad you’re still writing!

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