Fair Weather Fan

I love sports. I’ve played nearly everything some time or another. I even had a very short (and sad) stint in Ballet. My lack of plie perfection, however, put me in the back of every performance. You know you are struggling when you’re 8 and 3-year olds are placed in front of you.

Yet despite my addiction to athletics, I have something to admit: I am a fair weather fan.

I realized this when I watched the Bulls game yesterday. I love basketball and used to be obsessed with the Bulls. I’m pretty sure I paid attention in Math at the time solely to understand sports statistics. Yet it’s been years since I’ve made sure to drop whatever I’m doing to watch the Bulls. Why? Well, the Bulls are awesome again.

I hate the term “fair weather fan.” From a grammar perspective, it’s ridiculous…who is actually a fan of fair weather? I don’t know of many people that say “Wow! Aren’t 40-degree and cloudy days just the best? Yet, phrasing aside, it fits.

When a team is doing well, the atmosphere at a sporting event is electric. The crowd is cheering (or at least cheersing). Everyone is affectionate on the KISS Cam (besides the awkward brother and sister that sometimes get captured). Even 13-year olds take a break from texting to tune in.

Yet when a team is struggling, things just aren’t the same. People become more excited about Computerized Pizzas competing on the screen for a free coupon to Dunkin Donuts than the score. The parking lot is still packed with tailgators after the National Anthem.

One perk of poor performance? The ticket prices drop.

I give alot of credit to people who root for teams regardless of their record.  I love the fact that many people literally cannot miss a game. And, of course, I love being around these people.

When their team has won, obviously.

Are you a fair weather fan, or do you follow a team regardless of their record?


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