Stay Away, Abreva

When it comes to colds, I’m pretty uncommon. I hardly ever am sick. I haven’t ever been stuck in bed with a sickness for more than a day. I was only “sick” for a total of two days in high school (thanks to food poisoning at Quiznos…believe me though, I’d prefer 10 colds over that). I haven’t ever had a real headache.

Colds are so uncommon for me that I draw a blank when asked my doctor’s name.

Although I can’t seem to “catch” a cold, there is one annoying area of colds that is far common in my life: Cold sores.

If you haven’t had that pesky little bubble on your lip, consider yourself (extremely) lucky. I’ve been cursed with cold sores ever since Elementary school. During Elementary school, I thought that the best method of “getting rid” of the sore was to use cover-up. Keep in mind that A.) I didn’t know how to wear make-up then and B.) Cover-up is typically tan. Lips are not.

If my classmates didn’t already notice my cold sore, then they were certain to once they saw my two-toned lips.

Even when I don’t get a cold sore on my own, I still catch one. Back in Elementary school, I had a favorite lip gloss. It was a triple-threat: It was sparkly. It was hot pink. It was from Limited Too.

I was obsessed with it, and reapplied many, many times throughout the day (I wouldn’t be surprised if I slipped it in my gym shorts pocket). My friend Allie asked to borrow it. I decided to spread the lip gloss love, and let her borrow. Allie finished carefully applying a coat and replied:

“HAHA! I have a cold sore!” My treasured lip gloss went in the trash and, later, a cold sore landed on my lips.

Fortunately, my cold sores usually go away within 3-4 days. This is only due to the best (and worst bargain) ever: Abreva. This tiny little tube costs $20, and is the only thing that actually clears cold sores (and my credit card).

Abreva sure knows how to make money. You typically only get to use about half the tube, because every time you give a single, small pump of the product enough liquid comes out to cover your entire lips. Whenever I use Abreva, I end up looking like Jack Frost.

The other thing awful thing about Abreva? I lose things large things extremely easily. A tiny tube doesn’t stand a chance.

Do you get colds or cold sores often? How can I avoid Abreva without looking like I got in a fight with a flatiron?


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