We all have our own odditities. You may refuse to step on a crack, after being convinced when you were a kid that it’d break your mother’s back. You may not eat any food that touches another. You may be superstitious and wear the same shorts for every sporting event.

I love learning these things about other people. I have quite a few quirks. Here are a few of the little things I do that make me even more loon(e)y than I already am:

1.) I always set an alarm clock. However, I always wake up a few minutes before my alarm clock goes off, regardless of the time. My internal alarm clock is impressive, except for the fact that it also…

2.) Leads me to go the bathroom on the same schedule nearly every night. I always have to get up in the middle of the night (usually twice).

3.) I also am the worst road trip partner ever for this same reason. On my five hour drive home, I typically stop to go to the bathroom at least four times.

4.) I have a strange relationship with Starbucks. I like their coffee drinks, and get them often. However, I have to drink their drinks at home, because they are not hot enough for me. I actually heat up all coffee (even when it has just been brewed) for at least 1 minute in the microwave (usually 2).

5.) I always look at a restaurant’s menu online before I go out to eat. However, I am still so indesisive when it comes to order that I always change my order at the last minute.

6.) I have to have the TV or car volume on an even number (or a five). I have no idea why I think odd numbers are bad luck, which, is especially odd because my favorite number is 11.

7.) I open bananas from the wrong end. [Confession: I actually can’t open a banana correctly.]

What are your quirks? Do you do some strange things on a daily basis?


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