A Loon(e)y Family Vacation

I’ve always been a fan of the Chevy Chase “Vacation” movies. Which, as I realized last week when I was in Florida, is partially due to the fact that my family seems to encounter situations comparable to Clark. We may not hold up policeman to get into Wallyworld or max out multiple credit cards in Vegas, but we always get involved in an array of awkwardness. Here are two of my favorite Florida moments:

1.) We were about to leave my Uncle Rick’s apartment and made it to the car. We then, however, realized that this was impossible because we did not have a key to get into the car. My grandma and grandpa had brought the wrong set of keys, and only had a key to start the car. Our solution? My Uncle Rick yelled from the parking lot to the third floor where his neighbor, Ramon, was. Ramon figured out how to open our car (way too easily), and then offered Rick a chance to stay with him in Cuba whenever he’d like. Knowing my Uncle Rick, he will surely take him up on that offer…even if it involves transporting in a van with bars.

2.) My family decided to go to the Port Orange Flea Market early to get souvenirs. We were informed of this event after my mom read the paper to see that they offered “designer jeans for $5.” I had my grandma wake me up at 7:15 to run before this “event,” since my mom stressed that we needed to get there early to “beat the crowds.” The vendors offered an array of awesome options, including boxes of Captain Crunch Cereal, dirty dolls and old tool sets,

My grandma felt sorry for one of the vendors and bought a pair of [probably used] batteries for $1. My sister Stacy saw way too much of a vendor who was standing with one leg propped up on the table.

What are your family vacations like?


One thought on “A Loon(e)y Family Vacation

  1. ok… how can one flea market be possibly the greatest in the U.S. and the other (10 miles away) be a total wreck??! No doubt, the person that posted a review had to be one of the vendor’s relatives… and computer savvy…? That was quite the adventure! I wonder if someone depicted in a certain movie slept in the “back”?? What do you think?

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