Things that Make Me Old

I am 23 years old, and, according to most, I look significantly younger. I have never NOT been carded, and a 7th grader even said to me once “Um, can you be teaching us? You’re 17 or 18.”

But despite the fact that I neither look my age (or clearly have many of the life skills that I should), some of my habits and hobbies would be considered ancient rather than adolescent. Here are a few things that make me old:

1.) I very rarely drive over 5 miles past the speeding limit. I also drive with both hands on the wheel, and actually slow down at yellow lights. I think Danny Tanner would be proud.

2.) I consider “sleeping in” 8 o’clock. I will stay up until 4AM on the weekend and still rise at a ridiculous hour. When I get older, I’m hoping someone creates a caffeine pump.

3.) I always, always eat 3 meals. I’ve also been known to eat dinner at 4 PM.

4.) I subscribe to Ladies’ Home Journal, Better Homes and Gardens, and Family Circle. I do not have kids, or a garden, and live in an apartment. [Keep in mind I also subscribe to a zillion other magazines, including Seventeen.]

5.) I have to go to a “Foot and Ankle Specialist.” I have never broken a bone, or even had a fracture. However, my feet are 1.5 inches different in length. I have to wear an orthotic which my doctor calls “my hammer.” Nearly everyone other patient carries a cane, or, at the very least, requires specialized medical “comfort” shoes.

What are some habits or hobbies that make you “old?”


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