Happy Birthday, Beiber

I can’t go an hour at a Junior High without hearing a mention, note, or heartfelt love confession about “the Beib.” I also can’t walk far without witnessing a teenage boy trying to copy his infamous hairdo.

In case you’re not exposed to a mound of Beiber memorabilia like me, you may have missed today’s memo.

Today is Justin Beiber’s 17th birthday. Which of course means that, exactly one year from today, there will be quite a few Cougars that come out with their (creepy) confession of love for a singer that is no-longer (legally) a boy. Let’s home that these cougars don’t set their screensavers for this countdown as many men did for Miley Cyrus [I’ll never known what these men actually expect. That Miley Cyrus is all of a sudden going to be stopped at a truck stop in Texas and realize that, hey, now that she’s 18, she’s tired of spending time dating celebrities and would instead prefer to be with a man twice her age with about 2% of her income?]

I taught Spanish today, and was immediately greeted with news of Beiber’s birthday. One girl wore Beiber gear from head to toe. Literally. She even wore a Beiber lanyard. She also said how she and her friend were going to celebrate Beiber’s birthday by going out for ice cream. They are then going to spend the rest of their night talking all about him (in person, on the phone, and online). She is convinced that if she and Justin Beiber met, they would have an instant, Bachelor-style “incredible connection.”

I will admit: I have a mild case of Beiber Fever. I could Karaoke to “Baby” with ease. I actually do smile when I hear him sing “U Smile” (although I don’t understand how someone who is talented enough to learn the guitar as a toddler can’t take the time to properly spell “You”). However, I will not be spending $8.99/month to have access to “Exclusive videos and photos” of him.

I definitely had celebrity crushes when I was a teenager (and still do). However, the obsession with Beiber is far beyond my days of tearing out pictures of N’Sync from my Tiger Beat and today, even seeing a scary movie if it means catching a glimpse of Ryan Reynolds.

Did you ever have a (huge) celebrity crush? Where is that crush today? Do you have a bad case of Beiber Fever?



2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Beiber

  1. I think I am going to have a bad case of Beiber Fever after seeing “Never Say Never” this weekend! I just hope I don’t turn into those cougars you are talking about!

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