Resolutions Revisited

A few months ago, I had a great goal of accomplishing 11 Resolutions for ’11. How have I done? Well, let’s just that if I were a student, I’d probably be searching for some serious extra credit. Here is an update of my resolutions:

1.) Take spontaneous trips. I actually HAVE accomplished this one! This year, I have already visited Minneapolis and Omaha. I will be taking a trip to Kansas next weekend, and going to Daytona Beach in March. This has lead to many interesting encounters, such as speaking to tractor-bound strangers.

2.) Learn to text and talk at the same time. Not even close. I have become pretty skilled at talking to myself while texting though, which I figure is a feat.

3.) Limit my grocery bill to $40/week. I’m pretty sure posting this made my spending actually go up. I told myself that I needed to be on budget, and began putting things into my cart that I wouldn’t otherwise think of. Without taking any fewer trips.

4.) Keep a workout log. This lasted exactly one week.

5.) Apply to be on a TV show. I have watched plenty of ridiculous TV since making this resolution, but am still 15 minutes of fame(less).

6.) Make regular phone calls to relatives/friends to keep in touch. I’ve become better at this! But this is one that I could definitely (and want to!) do better.

7.) Take more pictures. I’ve taken probably 10 pictures since making this resolution. My camera creeping skills need a comeback.

8.) Learn how to sew. The holes in my clothes have gotten bigger. My sewing skills are still those of a six-year old.

9.) Keep track of my spending. I actually accomplished this! Ok, I actually did for the purpose of this post. That counts, right?

10.) Get a full-time coaching and teaching job. This is half-accomplished. I am currently substituting, and have a Maternity Leave position in April until the end of the year. Positions for the Fall are just opening so I will be doing plenty of applying.

11.) Buy a puppy. I have searched the web for puppies far more than I should admit.

And now, from you: What other resolutions should I make? Have you kept your own resolutions? What can I do to prevent myself from looking at pictures of puppies?


One thought on “Resolutions Revisited

  1. what about balancing your checking account? I know you have your Madre’s food shopping addiction, don’t you? ha! I love it!

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