An I-35 Adventure

I’ve mentioned before that I hate taking long driving trips alone. Mostly, because I get lost everywhere.

So when I do drive alone, each trip has its own source of entertainment. My usual favorite is learning lyrics. I will literally play a song until I’ve accomplished this. I’m pretty sure a passenger wouldn’t appreciate busting out “Bust a Move” for an entire 2 hours as I once did.

Last weekend, I took a road trip to Minnesota for my friend Alyssa’s bachelorette party (which deserves another post!). My personal entertainment for the long drive? To see how long I could travel on the way back without getting gas.

A passenger would have really helped to tell me how terrible this idea was.

I continued to see my gas dwindle and felt increasingly pleased that I had resisted the urge to stop. I was going along and then, suddenly, I realized that I had about 1/8 of a tank and needed to refuel.

I saw a Shell, but decided not to stop. I know that Shell is usually more expensive, and I’d rather not spend more on gas [and clearly I have no idea whether using Shell rather than Kum ‘N’ Go makes any difference…?].

So I drove past the Yellow sign. Then, a few miles later I realized that I was in the middle of Northern Iowa and there wasn’t a single stop for miles. The only golden that I would see were not arches, but rather stalks (and stalks) of corn.

My gas light had already come on. I saw a sign for “Exit (number?)” in 1 mile. I knew that I was sure to be surrounded by farms rather than fast food. I also was, clearly, sure to get lost. I took the mystery exit.

I drove for a few miles in one direction, and my only company were cattle. I was in the ideal scene for a Lifetime Channel Original Movie. Lost girl. Panicked.  Cornfields. Knows no one within 100 miles.

Still, that didn’t stop me from stopping the first stranger I saw. He was, fortunately, a very nice guy around my age in a truck. He, unfortunately, had no idea where the nearest gas station was. He volunteered to drive into the next town and have me follow him.

So we drove through the cornfields and cattle together, and, hooray! We found a gas station. My stranger savior left. Things seemed safe…right?


The gas station looked like it came from about 1920. It had a pump where you had to use manually and type some code in to work. I had absolutely no idea what to do. I stood there for approximately 20 minutes, trying to type in my information, figure out which pump to use, and hoped that this old age of the pump would somehow accidentally give me gas for free.


I finally figured it out. I got back on the road (without getting lost!). I drove a mile back on I-35 and, of course, saw a sign for an Exit that included gas. The gas station, however, was for—I kid you not—”Boondock Truck Stop.”

I know one thing for sure: My source of entertainment will never include something that involves showcasing my directional denseness and could possibly put me as the future face of a Lifetime Original Movie.


3 thoughts on “An I-35 Adventure

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  2. OK… what if you were on Lake Shore Drive and it was 20 below? funny, but not a great idea… although, I must admit, I’ve done it myself…we do have some similarities!

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