Bacon, Butter, and Blizzards

Nearly the entire United States is experiencing a blizzard right now…which means the second best combination of words (the first being anything that has a second word “Break”): SNOW DAY!

Snowy days are a good conversation starter, but also pretty awful if you share my winter weaknesses. Being snowed in makes me REALLY need summer (I’m anyone who has ever experienced my parking skills would agree that this is essential for the safety of all).

Since traveling anywhere is not advisable (especially when you can’t park inside yellow lines on sunny days), I resort to my all-time favorite activity: Food. I’m usually a pretty healthy eater, but being stuck in makes me ONLY crave foods that are really bad for you.

Two of my favorite things in my formerly picky eating days were bacon and butter. When I was a toddler, I was at a wedding with my parents and ran around to steal (and eat) the butter packets off every table at the wedding.

The wedding guests enjoyed their bread sans butter, and I smiled for my scarfing sneakiness.

I also loved bacon. I would ask my mom for the “cheesy” part only (aka, the fat…SO healthy). This was at least better than the entire summer that I would ONLY eat chocolate cake for breakfast. If I didn’t love sports so much, I would have had a certain spot on an E! True Hollywood story on Childhood Obesity.

Then, suddenly my love for bacon and butter went away.

The snow days have allowed me to reconnect with my long lost loves. My roommate Jenn was making a recipe yesterday that called for bacon, and so I decided to bake some. HUGE mistake. I have now probably eaten close to a 1/2 pound over the past day. And also baked it in brown sugar (I’m telling myself that “brown sugar” means it is automatically healthy…like brown rice).

I’ve also rediscovered that I like butter. ALOT. Especially mixed with bacon.

Are you a snow day snacker? What do you do to avoid eating everything in sight when you can’t step outside without experiencing an avalance?


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