Words I Hate

I love words. I like speaking them. I like writing them. My favorite way to use words? Turning them into a question.

Yet although I love most words, there are a few that I loathe. Deeply. Words that, when I hear, I cringe even worse than when I’m sitting in the dentist’s chair (trust me: you never want to witness this). The following are my most-hated words:

1.) “LOL.” This was not always one of my loathed words. In fact, I used to love this expression. Of course, when I used that expression, that usually didn’t mean that I was actually “Laughing Out Loud.” When I truly laughed out loud, I would type “haha.” I feel as if most people share this sentiment. Which is why there is never, ever a good reason to use “LOL.”

2.) “Panty.” This word reminds me of either A.) A guy that approaches someone at a bar that desperately needs to have the conversational cord cut or B.) An elderly woman referring to her underwear. Sorry, but I don’t want to think about either.

3.) “Scalp.” This one is a little strange. Ever since I was little, it has reminded me of Native Americans being scalped decades ago. I realize that most people are referring simply to a portion of their head when discussing this, rather than the horrific acts ages ago. Still, I avoid conversations about hair specifically to avoid hearing this word.

4.) I also hate the words “moist,” “dirty” and “yummy,” though my feelings of these words aren’t quite as strong as the other three.

What are some words that you hate?



5 thoughts on “Words I Hate

  1. i think “moist” is loathed by everyone, at least girls. Same with “panty”. Only dudes use that word.
    For some reason, I never like the word “nugget” or any part of it: i.e. “nug”. Ew.

  2. I don’t know why there is this phenomenon that makes all women hate the word “moist.” It’s never bothered me. Maybe it’s gender-specific genetic predisposition?

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