So, So Slow

I may be a runner, but there are some areas where I will ALWAYS be slow. The following weaknesses were revealed to me this week:

1.) I cannot tie a five-year old’s shoes fast enough. I subbed Kindergarten this week, where I was asked to attempt this activity by the same kid more times than his age. He was also the most rambunctious kid in the room, who tried to pull me across the room while making these (many) attempts. This also proves that I am not a proficient shoe tier. [Confession: I still tie shoes using “bunny ears” and have not mastered the single loop.]

2.) I cannot get my car placed in the proper spot for gas on the first try. I also never realize that I’m too far from the gas pump until I have already entered my debit card information, and get the go-ahead to start fueling. This is not fun when it is freezing.

3.) I will never be able to be a server in a restaurant that requires extensive menu memorization. I went to Bonefish Grill last night, where the waiter read off the entire menu and wine list as if he was reciting his ABCs. I’m not even sure I could recite my address with that speed.

4.) I love spelling, but I can’t spell “prairie” for anything. This shouldn’t be a big deal, since I’m certainly not Laura Ingalls. Unfortunately, I live on “Prairie View Drive.” I’m pretty sure that Human Resources wanted to revisit their decision to hire me when I confessed that I struggle with spelling my street as I was filling out my W2s.

What are some areas where you show no speed or skill?


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