Ode to Awards Shows

As most of you know, I LOVE celebrity gossip. I may get a little confused about where to place small countries on a map, but can recite the names of the small children of celebrities with ease.

One of my favorite celebrity fests? Award Shows. I started watching the Oscars in Elementary School. I’m not sure why. Oscar award winners are not selected for five-year olds. The scariest movie that I had probably seen at that time was Home Alone (hey, the brick scene really got to me!) The most “designer” item that I owned came from Limited Too. I probably really only understood about 7 minutes of the entire show. Try explaining what a “producer” or “cinematography” is to someone who has recently learned the alphabet.

But regardless, I would stay awake until the “Best Picture” award was won. This was in the days before DVR. I braved the boring speeches because I simply had to see who won Best Picture, Actor, and Actress, which, of course, always came in the last fifteen minutes of the show.

I am not such an avid watcher that I will argue with anyone who finds my watching ridiculous. Awards shows are not exciting. Most people are not on the edge of their seat awaiting the outcome. The music options are far from upbeat. There isn’t a last minute game breaking decision that the celebrities can chose to change the outcome. No one ever falls.

Yet I still tune in. Luckily, DVR makes the 3.5 hour watch of any awards show less daunting. Sorry, foreign films, but you’re always going to be fast-forwarded.

Are you an avid award show watcher or would you rather do about ANYTHING else?


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