Sharing Food With Strangers

Today, I shared food with a complete stranger.

This situation was not planned. I was supposed to substitute teach for half of the day, but then the principal asked if I could possibly stay all day. This posed a problem. I did not bring a lunch.

All who know me know I never ever, ever, ever miss a meal.

I mentioned this casually to another substitute, who I had met for a total of five seconds (we hadn’t even made it to each other’s names yet). She had a solution: I brought a meal; we’ll share!

I didn’t even deliberate this.

I know. This probably wasn’t the smart solution. For one, I had no idea what food she actually brought. Two, well, for obvious reasons.

So we shared a homemade chow mein. I have no idea whether her dad used utensils when preparing the food, or if there were samples taken when serving. I do know that it was delicious, and saved me from potential starvation.

I have rarely eaten a meal where I haven’t tried a taste of someone else’s food. There are, of course, multiple foods that I have “tried” many, many times. Sometimes, I can curb my temptation to taste. I can typically spot food sharers, and limit my tasting to those who I am sure fall in the sharing category. But otherwise, my request is only restricted to the rare occurence that I don’t like the food or when I am at an all-you-can-eat-buffet. I’m not that lazy.

I do have exceptions. I will not share food with the sidewalk. I oddly don’t believe in the five second rule. I once saw someone eat a slice of pepperoni pizza off of the school cafeteria floor after it had been sitting there for a solid five minutes. I am permanently scarred.

The ironic thing about my stranger sharing? I didn’t even end up having to stay the whole day.

Do you frequently “try” food from your friends and family? Are you a strong supporter of the five second rule?


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