AOL Instant Messenger

I used to be obsessed with AOL Instant Messenger. My screen name was “Looner15.” I remember that this took careful thought.

My friends and I would spend an entire together, and then return to our house to rehash the night on AIM. It was like an instant Rerun of the night, and the rerun ran regardless of what we did. Yes, even when we watched a movie (and then talked about it afterward while together) we would discuss it in detail again.

Clearly, those reruns were ridiculous for others but somehow riveting for us.

At the time, my house had one computer. This was extremely problematic for three pre-teen girls who couldn’t bear the thought of missing an instant of Instant Messaging with their friends. This was particularly problematic because my parents thought it was “easier” to have my sisters and I receive the same curfew.

I also had a few fights with a friends via AIM. At the time, I thought that these AIM fights were important enough to bribe my sisters with nearly every single item I owned to let me stay online.

They also were critical enough for me to save the contents on my e-mail. I still have these conversations. I cannot delete them. They are hilarious.

When I was in college, I was suddenly rewarded with an incredible gift: AIM access at all times! I had about 5,000 away messages that all ended with “Leave some!!” I remember feeling as if I had to specify where I was every second of the day. If I came back from Cross-Country practice and went to dinner, my away message had to change. I’m sure others were carefully keeping tabs of my time.

I eventually had enough of AIM…which was probably because the rest of my friends gave it up far before I did.

I may have given it up for good, but, no, I still can’t delete the AIM icon from my computer.

Did you use AIM obsessively growing up?




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