Extreme Couponer Envy

I watched a potentially life changing episode of TV yesterday. It was called “Extreme Couponing.”

Sure, this episode probably intended for people to scoff at these super savers. One woman had her pregnant friend and toddler son dumpster dive with her for coupons to add to her 8 lb coupon binder. Another woman said her stockpile of 3,000 rolls of toliet paper—enough to last the average couple 40 years!—brought her “great joy.”

Although their stories are absurd—is there really any need to buy 1,100 boxes of cereal?!—I couldn’t help but admire their skill. The dumpster diver’s bill was $638.64. With coupons, it was $2.64! Don’t believe it? Check it out.

$2.64? Buying a beverage at that price is a bargain.

I’m not down for dumpster diving, and clearly lack the organizational skills for stockpiling. However, I do have a slight (grocery) shopping addiction that could sure use a coupon cure.

I have used coupons in the past. However, I can’t say I’ve saved any cents by clipping. Instead, I clip coupons for things I wouldn’t usually buy because I can’t pass up a bargain.

Are you a coupon clipper? Should I steer clear of these so-called “savings” or join the Krazy Coupon Lady’s fan club?




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