Saying No to Napping

One day when I was a baby, my grandma was trying to get me to take a nap. She rocked me away, and I became quiet. She assumed I was beyond counting sheep and in a heavy slumber.

She was sorely mistaken.

I was wide awake and, with what she says was a devilish grin, opened my eyes wide and yanked her ear with some serious effort. I pulled her earring completely out of her ear. There was blood all over the place. Her ear still hangs low.

I promise I wasn’t always devilish. The reason for my reaction was because I despised naps. That, and the fact that I probably thought I was a child comedian for the pull.

I have never been a napper. I’ve probably napped during the day a handful of times throughout my life. I’ve certainly tried my fair share. Every single Sunday, in fact. I sit down on the couch and…nothing.

Sleep sounds so simple, but, as you all know by now: The simple skills are where I really (really) struggle.

So nappers, I need your help. How can I become a skilled (mid-day) sleeper? What can I swap my caffeine addiction for sleep?

So nappers


3 thoughts on “Saying No to Napping

  1. haha! Your poor grandma! I find that I usually pass out on the couch after coming home from a day at the office and laying back and watching some tv. That’s the best kind of sleep – when you just doze off unintentionally.

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