My 11 Resolutions for ’11

I’m pretty decent at the typical resolutions. I (now) love my fruits and vegetables. I love working out (especially running). But I have alot to learn at the things that others find simple. After all, I have admitted to my difficulty discerning a hammer from a screwdriver and was convinced that a calculator could melt in a car after being left there for a half hour.

My list of 201o resolutions did not exactly go as planned. Cut down to one cup of coffee and be able to touch my toes? I love caffeine far too much, and I don’t see myself losing my eighty-year old man flexibility anytime soon.

This year, I want to really accomplish my resolutions. Here are random (and somewhat ridiculous) 11 resolutions for 2011:

1.) Take spontaneous trips. Now that I’m officially done with school, my debt will be diminished. I’d like to take random road trips on the weekends. Preferably with someone else driving (or at least parking). My long-term goal is to visit all 50 states. Idaho, anyone?

2.) Learn to text and talk at the same time. I consider myself a decent multi-tasker, but typing and talking is too much for me to handle. How do I accomplish this task? I have no idea.

3.) Limit my grocery bill to $40/week. Some of you probably scoff at this. A $40/week grocery bill for one person should be feasible. Unfortunately, I have a major Trader Joe’s and Target addition. As in, I feel accomplished if I have only visited both stores 4 times/week.

4.) Keep a workout log. You already know I’m horrible at things of this sort.

5.) Apply to be on a TV show. This is totally ridiculous. However, I’ve watched enough (ridiculous, riveting) reality TV in my life to at least give it a shot.

6.) Make regular phone calls to relatives/friends to keep in touch. I really want to get better at this. Facebook and texting are great, but phone calls are SO MUCH better for actually getting updated!

7.) Take more pictures. I take a decent amount of pictures already. However, I tend to take pictures of a single event rather than capturing random moments. [A side note: I tend to capture my friends and family at unfavorable moments. You’ve been forewarned.]

8.) Learn how to sew. Sewing a button is beyond my current sewing skill’s status.

9.) Keep track of my spending. Right now, I’m so thankful for Without it, I’d have absolutely no idea how much money is in my bank account. According to my checkbook, we haven’t hit Halloween.

10.) Get a full-time coaching and teaching job. I’m officially finished with my Master’s and SO READY to have my own classroom! Which will certainly be full of many awkward moments in student (and teacher) gullibility to share.

11.) Buy a puppy. Ok. This probably won’t happen. I can dare to dream.

Do you make New Year’s Resolutions? If so, what are they?


4 thoughts on “My 11 Resolutions for ’11

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