Please Pimp my Drive

I am going home for Christmas in two days. Obviously, I’m excited! Also, obviously, I’m dreading the six-hour drive. With a HUGE CAPITAL D.

I have driven the most uneventful drive known to mankind many, many, many times. I could probably give you a detailed description of I-80 (although, then I’d probably be distracted doing so and get lost as usual).

To be fair, my drive has dramatically improved over the past few years. I used to drive a car that did not have a working radio. I had to resort to a top-notch tape collection. The best options were “Beauty and the Beast,” “The Backstreet Boys,” and “Kenny Rogers.” Let’s put it this way: I don’t even like Kenny Rogers.

Now, I am granted with the luxury of a CD player and my (absurdly awful) singing voice. Luckily, I’m not too picky.

The mix of songs and snooze-worthy sights is starting to drive me crazy. So, I need your help. What can I possibly do to make this drive more exciting? Is there a road game that I can play by myself? Some topics to think about? Something to avoid hearing the words “Backstreet’s Back: Alright” for the 800th time? Any advice to pimp my drive would be awesome.


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