Maybe I’m a Multi-tasker…?

Tonight, I accomplished all of these things simultaneously. I typed this post, took a timed Anatomy quiz online (more like looked up every single answer on Google), applied for jobs, Facebook chatted, texted, and Twittered.

I also had mixed emotions while watching two shows. First, I listened to “The Sing Off” where I was once again reminded that I will never, ever be a singer. Even William Hung has more singing ability than me. Next, I watched “Deep Fried Paradise.” They described deep fried ice cream in excruciating detail. I wanted to eat my TV screen.

I honestly didn’t think that this was too strange. Maybe it’s not. But I do know plenty of people that prefer to dream about Deep Fried food without any distractions.

Are you a multi-tasker, or do despise distractions?


2 thoughts on “Maybe I’m a Multi-tasker…?

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