Ridiculous, Riveting Reality TV

I have hit a new reality TV low. I have become addicted to the new E! show “Bridalplasty.”

I remember seeing commercials for this show months before it aired. The creepy (yet clever) premise? “The only competition where the winner gets cut.” Brides-to-be compete in challenges to earn plastic surgery procedures. Eventually, one woman “gets cut” and also wins a celebrity-style wedding of her choice.

I don’t know quite why I love this show. Here are the reasons my watching is ridiculous:

1.) The phrase “under the knife” makes my skin crawl. There are also extreme cases of plastic surgery—like this lady—that could give Hannibal Lecter nightmares.

2.) I hate blood. I was allowed to sleep on my desk in my high school Anatomy class when my classmates watched an Open Heart Surgery. I was also able to ditch dissecting a pig, simply because I’m SO squeamish.

3.) The majority of the girls on the show that think they are hideous are nearly the size of Nicole Richie.

4.) One girl claimed that upping her cleavage was necessary, for she has cysts. I may not be a Scientist, but I’m certain the cure for cancer is not plastic surgery.

5.) The elimination challenge involved the girls putting together a 10-15 piece huge jigsaw puzzle of themselves. The girls acted as if this was as difficult as receiving your Ph.D.

6.) When two girls were up for elimination, the other contestants bawled as if they had just given birth.

Although this show is beyond awful, I can assure you that I will cringe while seeing who “gets cut.” Then, I will probably buy the People magazine that features a full-length feature of the celebrity style wedding and watch the hour-long made for TV special.

What ridiculous reality show do you watch? If not, how do you resist the ridiculousness?


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