Sweet Thoughts from Students

I mentioned that I may get a little emotional when I finish Student Teaching next Friday. This fact is for students like this.

1.) The students in 1st hour today wrote a petition for me to get a job at Indian Hills, and signed it hoping that if we sent it to the principal then a job may appear. If it were that easy, I just may become a solicitor.

2.) During Study Hall today, a group of the students kept questioning me why I can’t just stay at Indian Hills after next Friday. I explained that I’d love to, but unfortunately I’m missing a bit of a little thing called money. One student, Mason, had a solution:

Mason: What if we everyone on Odyssey (in Junior Highs, the students are often arranged by team and we are “Team Odyssey”) donates money for you each month?

Me: What do you mean?

Mason: Well, I know you’re not supposed to answer this, but…how much money around would you make if you were substitute teaching?

Me: Well, er…

Mason: Well, what if everyone on Odyssey gave you $10 a month to stay? Would that be enough?

[A sidenote: There are 115 Odyssey students, which would mean over $1,000/month contributed by students.]

I had no idea how to respond. The fact that he even offered something like that made me realize how much I truly love teaching.

8th graders get a bad rap. They’re considered catty, lazy, and careless. The students I know are none of those things. Sure, they size up substitute teachers the second they enter the room, and will do just about anything to transition you from grammar to gossip.

But all in all, 8th graders are pretty awesome. They may be too cool for costumes, but they sure know how to show they care.

Plus, they’re even more gullible than me. I’ve gotta give them props for that.




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