Amusing and Awkward Teacher Travels

Since I only have a week left of student teaching, I’m now in my “Phase Out” period. This means that I don’t really teach English class anymore. I may assist a bit, but I’m not the “real” teacher of Mr. Moore’s class anymore. Instead, I spend some days traveling around the building, seeing what other classes are like.

I learned today that these days I will likely laugh as much as I learn . This is what my day consisted of. I’m 100% serious.

  • In Math class—in the middle of a lesson on Algebra—the teacher sung Sean Kingston’s “Fire Burnin’ on the Dance Floor.” He also added dance moves. These dance moves included a fist pump that was Jersey Shore worthy.
  • In Reading class, I listened to a story about a Siamese Cat who wants to be a Chihuahua. His name is Skippyjon Jones, and he loves frijoles.
  • In Drama class, I had to play a creepy casting director named Bonnie. Bonnie wants to get way too close to aspiring starlet Brenda who, by chance, is also a female student in my English class.
  • In Chorus, I received a personal concert. There were 100 students that sang their songs directly to me, and me only. Pretty harmless, right? Try smiling nonstop for 45 minutes when 8th grade students are singing to you “Oh Shenandoah,” and another song about finding their “true love” as all 100 eyes stare directly at you.

What was the most amusing or awkward thing you experienced as a student (or as a teacher!)?


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