So Emotion(less)

I am not a crier.

I have cried at exactly four movies in my entire life: Grumpier Old Men, Airbud, Homeward Bound, and Marley and Me. I didn’t shed a single tear when the Titanic sunk and Jack and Rose said goodbye (forever), but I balled when Buddy (the dog in Airbud) was threatened with a newspaper by his owner.

I’ve listened to several sappy songs, read many emotional books, and watched tons of melancholy movies. And sure, I get emotional. The tears just are never there. Unfortunately, I have cried in very unfortunate settings. Here are a few times when the tears have flown when they probably er, shouldn’t have:

1.) When I was in elementary school, my mom got her hair cut. She had shoulder-length hair, and decided to get it cut up to her chin. I bawled and was then given a brownie. I had to eat the brownie in my room. I thought it was the worst punishment ever.

2.) When I was in college, I didn’t follow the correct directions on a Child and Adolescent Psychology assignment. It was a very small assignment worth a minimal amount of points, but I failed. I asked to meet with the [pregnant at the time] professor. I then proceeded to bawl in her office, and we ended up in a very awkward embrace. A suddenly sappy student and a pregnant professor don’t mix well in these situations. It was a long semester.

3.) This situation has not occurred yet, but I can assure you it will. 1.5 weeks from now, I will be finished with student teaching. I guarantee you I will cry. I have already almost teared up approximately ten times in the last week. I’m not sure why. I will likely substitute often, and also visit the school whenever possible. It will be extremely awkward, and I can assure you I will blog about it.

Grades and goodbyes may garner a few tears, but someone else’s haircut is hardly a reason to get choked up.

Are you a crier? Have you cried in awkward situations? What should I do when this student teaching tear-shed inevitably occurs?





One thought on “So Emotion(less)

  1. I’m not a “major weeper” (Jude Law, “The Holiday”) but I’ve been known to let loose some waterworks. The worst? Stress from two capstones causing a teary breakdown in front of Klima. Whoa. haha

    Let it happen, but keep it in control. Tears of that kind are nothing but positive. You’re a rockstar student teacher who is finishing grad school. No one can blame you for a little emotion after completing such monumental things 🙂

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