Repeat Offender

I have listened to the song “F*** You” by Cee Lo Green approximately 5,000 times in the past 2 weeks. My love for the song was sparked during a recent trip to Iowa City, and it has yet to stop.

But you better believe it will…with a bang.

I am a notorious song repeater. I will play a song obsessively and then, after hearing it for the thousandth time, all of a sudden decide that I’m tired of it. “Tired of it” also means that I would like to throw my shoe at the speaker the next time I hear it.

I’m not sure why I do this. I know it’s coming every time. It’s like how I know that drinking ten gallons of water before a road trip is going to make me stop at every rest stop on the way, but I somehow think I’ll suddenly be able to show resistance and still sip away.

The worst part about it? I have to deal with listening to the song I recently decide to detest repeated over (and over and over) on the radio. Case in point: I was just driving home and heard “Teenage Dream” for the thousandth time on the radio. I have probably played [the GLEE version] of this song at least a hundred times since last Tuesday.

A sidenote: I will never, ever, EVER replay this version of Teenage Dream. That boy will show up in my nightmares.

I feel like I hear the songs I’ve grown sick of every second. The radio makes things even more repetitive. I feel like I’m going to lose it every time I hear “Lose Somebody.” I dread hearing “DJ’s Got Us Fallin’ in Love Again.” I cringe when I hear “Cooler than Me.” I fear “F*** You” will soon make the list.

Are you a song repeater, or do you know better to shuffle?


One thought on “Repeat Offender

  1. Loon I do the exact same thing with songs. I will pull up youtube while I’m getting ready for the day in my room and walk over and press replay the entire time…I would say each song lasts about a week or two also. This week the song is “Run-Around” by Blues Traveler!

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