See ya, Sleep

I really like sleep. I love getting cozy in my bed in my pjs of choice (always shorts, regardless of the season). I love dreaming, especially when the dreams are ridiculous.

And that’s well…it.

The thing is: I love many things far more than I like sleeping. I would much rather go out with friends, catch up on a TV marathon (or five, considering my daunting DVR list), eat, or sometimes  (er, far too frequently) decide 6PM is a perfectly acceptable time for coffee.

The problem? I’m realizing I’m getting far less sleep then I probably should. I can’t see going to sleep before the Late Night Talk Shows have even come on, and I’m just barely getting into a “Biggest Loser” episode (BL, I love you, but 2 hour shows are way too time consuming).

Usually, my sleep falls somewhere in the 6-7 hour range. Not horrible. However, I get even less sleep on the weekends. Even if I stay awake until 3, I still seem to wake up before sunrise. I never have a “catch-up” day. The sheep stay uncounted.

This needs to be changed. I love (love, love, love, LOVE) coffee. I just don’t want to rely on 3 cups to get me through the day (usually 5 on the weekends—yikes!).

Which is why I need your help: How can I get out of this cycle? What can I do to enjoy sleep more, and prevent my doctor from seeing a Cat-Scan of caffeine?



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