Halloween Happenings

I love (love) Halloween. However, I’m the first to admit: I don’t get too creative when it comes to costumes.

This is for two reasons. One, I’m lacking that lovely thing called money. Two, I have zero sewing skills. I envy those that have either of the above. Especially the sewing. That little needle eye is far too little, and sewing just seems way too complicated. I haven’t mastered tying my shoes without using bunny ears and once set an iron on a wooden table.  Do you really think I’m to be trusted with stitching up a spot?

My favorite part about Halloween? You guessed it. People watching. Concerts are prime for people watching, but Halloween is the Super Bowl of stranger stalking.  Here are a few of my favorite nighttime sights:

1.) A guy dressed from head to toe in green as what I’m pretty sure was Gumby. Gumby came up to me trying to show his flexibility with a mix of spastic movements. Cute, right? Later, Gumby took off his mask to reveal a Peroxide head, piercings, and a cigarette practically glued to his green head.

2.) A random guy that stopped me in route to the bathroom, stared at me for several uncomfortable seconds and uttered simply “Hi. I’m Brad. I LOVVVVVEEE Cowgirls!”

3.) A duet of “nurses” getting their grind on to a medley of music that was never meant for these movements. Think less T.I., more Taylor Swift. I’m pretty certain Swift did not believe “You Belong with Me” was meant for a little bumping.

5.) An approximately 45-year old man swiveling his hips—solo and for several songs— so fast that I thought the pseudo “nurses” were going to have to perform emergency surgery.

What were your favorite sights on Halloween?


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