Repeat Offender

I have listened to the song “F*** You” by Cee Lo Green approximately 5,000 times in the past 2 weeks. My love for the song was sparked during a recent trip to Iowa City, and it has yet to stop.

But you better believe it will…with a bang.

I am a notorious song repeater. I will play a song obsessively and then, after hearing it for the thousandth time, all of a sudden decide that I’m tired of it. “Tired of it” also means that I would like to throw my shoe at the speaker the next time I hear it.

I’m not sure why I do this. I know it’s coming every time. It’s like how I know that drinking ten gallons of water before a road trip is going to make me stop at every rest stop on the way, but I somehow think I’ll suddenly be able to show resistance and still sip away.

The worst part about it? I have to deal with listening to the song I recently decide to detest repeated over (and over and over) on the radio. Case in point: I was just driving home and heard “Teenage Dream” for the thousandth time on the radio. I have probably played [the GLEE version] of this song at least a hundred times since last Tuesday.

A sidenote: I will never, ever, EVER replay this version of Teenage Dream. That boy will show up in my nightmares.

I feel like I hear the songs I’ve grown sick of every second. The radio makes things even more repetitive. I feel like I’m going to lose it every time I hear “Lose Somebody.” I dread hearing “DJ’s Got Us Fallin’ in Love Again.” I cringe when I hear “Cooler than Me.” I fear “F*** You” will soon make the list.

Are you a song repeater, or do you know better to shuffle?


Cars and Kindness

I have a neighbor. His name is John. He lives one floor below me. He is in his mid-30s, has tattoo sleeves, and works at the Honda dealership. He has three young kids that wave from their apartment window every time they see me walk by.

John and I go to work at exactly the same time each day (6:55. Five minutes before the end of Saved By the Bell). We always share a friendly hello, and I always wave to his kids through the window. Yet before yesterday, that was the extent of our relationship.

Yesterday, instead of stopping at “Hello!” he also said that he noticed my brake light was out the previous day. You know that I would have had absolutely no idea about this. My knowledge of brakes is limited to the fact that they help your car stop.

His mentioning the missing brake light was more than enough. But instead, he offered to buy the parts and personally fix it for me. I said that he didn’t have to do that, but he insisted. He also said that he would be willing to do it whenever I’d like, and to simply to stop by.

I stopped by at 4:15. His kids starting bawling when he left (even though he promised he wouldn’t be gone long). You could tell he’s a fabulous father. He worked on my car for around 20 minutes, we shared stories, and he tried to teach me a thing or two about cars.

At some point in the conversation, I told John my muffler’s been giving me trouble. (I would have actually had no idea about this. My roommate told me this fact). John offered to look at it whenever I’d like.

I was amazed at John’s skill and his sweetness. I have no absolutely zero automobile abilities. I don’t even know what a muffler is. I could not pick out a lugnut in a crowd of other nuts. I still don’t know the difference between D1 and D2 (What is it? Seriously). John could jumpstart a car in his sleep.

John could easily have just told me that my brake light was out, and we could have gone our separate ways. Instead, he offered to sacrifice time with his kids to help out his automobile inept stranger. It made me realize how great people truly are. This stranger was completely unselfish.

I’m pretty sure this was the first completely random act of kindness I’ve ever experienced firsthand. But it made me wonder: Have you ever had a similar encounter with a stranger?


See ya, Sleep

I really like sleep. I love getting cozy in my bed in my pjs of choice (always shorts, regardless of the season). I love dreaming, especially when the dreams are ridiculous.

And that’s well…it.

The thing is: I love many things far more than I like sleeping. I would much rather go out with friends, catch up on a TV marathon (or five, considering my daunting DVR list), eat, or sometimes  (er, far too frequently) decide 6PM is a perfectly acceptable time for coffee.

The problem? I’m realizing I’m getting far less sleep then I probably should. I can’t see going to sleep before the Late Night Talk Shows have even come on, and I’m just barely getting into a “Biggest Loser” episode (BL, I love you, but 2 hour shows are way too time consuming).

Usually, my sleep falls somewhere in the 6-7 hour range. Not horrible. However, I get even less sleep on the weekends. Even if I stay awake until 3, I still seem to wake up before sunrise. I never have a “catch-up” day. The sheep stay uncounted.

This needs to be changed. I love (love, love, love, LOVE) coffee. I just don’t want to rely on 3 cups to get me through the day (usually 5 on the weekends—yikes!).

Which is why I need your help: How can I get out of this cycle? What can I do to enjoy sleep more, and prevent my doctor from seeing a Cat-Scan of caffeine?


Halloween Happenings

I love (love) Halloween. However, I’m the first to admit: I don’t get too creative when it comes to costumes.

This is for two reasons. One, I’m lacking that lovely thing called money. Two, I have zero sewing skills. I envy those that have either of the above. Especially the sewing. That little needle eye is far too little, and sewing just seems way too complicated. I haven’t mastered tying my shoes without using bunny ears and once set an iron on a wooden table.  Do you really think I’m to be trusted with stitching up a spot?

My favorite part about Halloween? You guessed it. People watching. Concerts are prime for people watching, but Halloween is the Super Bowl of stranger stalking.  Here are a few of my favorite nighttime sights:

1.) A guy dressed from head to toe in green as what I’m pretty sure was Gumby. Gumby came up to me trying to show his flexibility with a mix of spastic movements. Cute, right? Later, Gumby took off his mask to reveal a Peroxide head, piercings, and a cigarette practically glued to his green head.

2.) A random guy that stopped me in route to the bathroom, stared at me for several uncomfortable seconds and uttered simply “Hi. I’m Brad. I LOVVVVVEEE Cowgirls!”

3.) A duet of “nurses” getting their grind on to a medley of music that was never meant for these movements. Think less T.I., more Taylor Swift. I’m pretty certain Swift did not believe “You Belong with Me” was meant for a little bumping.

5.) An approximately 45-year old man swiveling his hips—solo and for several songs— so fast that I thought the pseudo “nurses” were going to have to perform emergency surgery.

What were your favorite sights on Halloween?