Too Cool for Costumes

Halloween in Junior High is not so happening.

Of my 109 students, there were only 6 that dressed up. 5 of those 6 were part of a pack of girls who wore sparkly shoes and suspenders and dressed as [very pink and accessorized] nerds. The other was a boy who, trying to be funny, wore his hair in a ponytail on top of his head and stuck on a post-it that said “Really Ugly Girl” on his shirt. Cute.

At first, I was shocked. The students show plenty of spirit during “Spirit Week,” so I figured that the day would be full of costume contests by class.  At the very least, I figured that I’d probably end up posting about the ridiculous amount of Justin Bieber “look-alikes.”

Then, I remembered how it is to be a 13-year old on Halloween. It’s full of perhaps more awkwardness than your first stages of puberty. It’s not cool to dress-up, you’re still scared of scary movies, but you still really, really love free candy. Unfortunately, many of your peers or potential candy givers aren’t quite cool with costuming.

I love Halloween, but there were a few years that I definitely experienced a Halloween hiatus. From 7th-9th grade, my “costume” consisted of Orange and Black clothes (probably from Abercrombie and Fitch). It was finally “ok” to revert back to costumes when I was a Sophomore. My friends and I dressed up as the Spice Girls [give a guess which girl I was].

We continued dressing up after that and, my Senior Year, we even went trick-or-treating. I was a can of 7-Up, compliments of my friend Amy’s endless array of creative costumes. We certainly got stares, but we didn’t care. It was free candy. Plus, we were dressed as Pizza, a can of Pop, and pigs. None of our neighbors had to worry about opening the door to a Nightmare on Elm Street.

Halloween seems to happen in stages. When you’re in elementary school, everyone dresses up. In Junior High, it’s on a hiatus. In High School, Halloween only happens in groups.  In college, finally, it comes to full circle and costuming is cool again.

Which makes me wonder: Do you think there is a dress-up deadline? Did you ever have a Halloween hiatus?


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