Filterless Friends

I’ve always liked having a variety of friends. I love that my friends all have different personalities, and have often thought of how some of them are POLAR opposites. For example, some don’t feel right if their day doesn’t include a run. Others consider the only necessary “run” one that ends with something edible.

However, I’ve recently realized that there is one thing that all of my friends share: We are (nearly) all filterless.

Sure, there’s some things that we don’t share. However, that list is very (very, very) short. Bodily functions? Bring it on. Er, ah, personal problems? Never kept private. Strange situations? Shared within seconds.

The problem? We use many of the specifics of these (over)sharing sessions as blackmail. We know each other’s Cosmo-cringe worthy confessions, and use them to our full advantage. I have far too many of my friends secrets up my sleeve, and vice versa.

I don’t open up immediately upon meeting someone. I don’t want to scare strangers away the second I meet them by exposing my (many) awkward experiences. My best friends may have blackmail, but I don’t want bar buddies to have the same boost.

Yet sometimes I wonder: Is it just especially easy for myself and my friends to talk without filters? Are you born filterless? Should I start putting my filter on rather than revealing my never-ending awkwardness?


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