Concerts and Chaos

I love people watching. The perfect place for prying? Concerts.

I went to the Mike Posner concert last night (on FREE tickets that I WON from KissFM!).  I only brag about this because my usual “winnings” are only free samples…which I get far too excited about and take full advantage of.

Anyway, I went into the concert knowing a few Posner songs (the vast majority of which I learned the day of the concert…er, all but one) and knowing that going out on a Monday night when I wake up at 6AM was probably a poor choice. But I LOVE concerts and decided there was no way I wasn’t going to give it a go.

Although Posner was pretty good, the people watching was prime. Here’s a glimpse of a few goings-on for a few that had a mess of a Monday night:

1. A girl in the bathroom wearing a pink ruffle skirt that looked like it belonged at Limited Too when she was more the Torrid type, who also spent several minutes in the mirror to pull it up even more.

2. Another girl in the bathroom wearing a skirt that looked identical to my former Limited Too (training) tube bra.

3. Yet another girl in the bathroom frantically begging people to help her find a half a $5 dollar bill.

4. Numerous couples making out, straddle-style, for nearly as long as the opening set sang.

5. A boy/girl dance-off who both thought that their moves were Spears-style and were set on making the entire concert floor their stage.

6. A Boston guy who was nice, but also was a wanna-be “Situation” with the color tan of Magda’s from “There’s Something About Mary”, who was also oddly into politics and professed his undying hate for George W. Bush for nearly an entire song.

7. A group of high school boys with their Big Gulps who were so completely in the Posner posse that they noticed absolutely none of the above.

Do you people watch at concerts? Please tell me I’m not the only one that goes to concerts partly for the chaotic crowd.



2 thoughts on “Concerts and Chaos

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